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Join Our Smile Club


I moved to Colorado Springs four years ago and during that time have visited several dentists. Fourth time is the charm  I’ve been treated with respect by all staff and appreciate the friendly attitude prevalent at The Downtown Dentist. The location is convenient and they pay for your parking right in front of the office. Thank you for that.

She’s always been really nice to me and made sure that I was comfortable. I’m really anxious when I go to the dentist so she’s really helped me get through that and she is always sensitive to, my fears, my anxiety for the dentist and I just, I love going to her. She makes you feel like she really cares about what’s going on and she understands that dental work can be expensive and it’s scary and it’s painful. She remembers who I am and I can’t say I’ve ever had that with a dentist.”

Dr. Rohleder’s a great dentist. She makes it seem like you’re not at the dentist at all, that, that all your fears wash away as soon as you get in that chair and she starts talking to you. The facilities are very nice, very modern, very clean.”I hadn’t been to the dentist in probably five years before I went there and I was apprehensive at first. It’s a very warm inviting place. I really don’t mind going. They made me feel like it was almost an enjoyable experience.”The staff is just very warm and friendly and they’re just very real. You feel like they’re your friends when you go in there and it just doesn’t have that medical feel to it. They’re almost like a comedy troupe rather than a medical staff.

Dr. Rohleder is always cheerful and patient and extremely gentle. I can say that I don’t have any fear of procedures with her because she just is almost a painless dentist. She always spends plenty of time with you and knows you the next time you come back in. She gives you an idea of how you can make your pocketbook work for what needs to be done. I’ve been very happy with my dental hygienist Megan. She is just the best. She’s always cheerful and happy and very gentle and she does the best cleanings ever. So, I have only praise for The Downtown Dentist. She’s very conversational and all the ladies there in the office just could not be nicer. They seem like they’re just a little family. They all seem to have fun together. My husband and I have been patients of hers for a little over three years. We’re just very happy to be her patients.

I’m just very happy and so is my husband. She’s patient, doesn’t hurt, kind and considerate. She’s one of the best that I’ve ever been to. I just think she’s wonderful. She’s got a good staff and they take after her. It’s like being in a family. They talk to you. They don’t treat you like a number. You’re a person. They’re the best and I’m very comfortable.

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